"Pop-Up Tucson combines a stunning menu and spot-on service with a location guests are unlikely to have previously experienced. Chefs Chandler and Nottingham create elegant plates with flavors that live up to the appearance. Luxurious ingredients like wagyu beef, jamón ibérico, and Osetra caviar mingle with exceptional local ingredients such as garden herbs, honeycomb, and farm-fresh peaches for a dinner worth every penny." 

-Jackie Tran of Tucson Foodie 

"Through his innovative pop-up dinners, Chef Riley Chandler is bringing energy and innovation to Tucson's farm-to-table movement. It is evident that his care and thought go into everything from the community-centric location of his pop-up dinners, to the fine details of every course. Each bite on Chandler's plates reflects the seasons and local food shed of Southern Arizona, giving guests many things to celebrate and marvel over. The chance to attend a Pop-Up Tucson dinner is a chance to connect with your community, your food, and the talented people who care so deeply about them."

-Shelby Thompson of Edible Baja Arizona Magazine 

"My wife and I and several freinds have attended several of Riley's Pop Up dinners and look forward to many more.  If you love food, great service, and adventure there is no dining experience in Arizona that comes close.  Not knowing where you are going or what is in the menu is part of the fun."

-Fletcher McCusker 

"All of the dishes were complex, it was incredible to watch the chefs quickly plate and prepare everything. Kyle and Riley had done a ton of prep work, which obviously payed off; nothing felt rushed or hectic, and the chefs weaved in and out of the sea of plates like an intricate dance."  

-Gina N. 

"We had to mention again what a beautiful, creative and high quality dinner and evening you and Kyle prepared and presented!  You really took your pop-up dinners to a new level.  This is our third dinner and we see many improvements each time.  You are a quick study! 


Also, thanks so much for setting aside 6 seats for our group.  Sitting together on the end made a big difference in our enjoyment of the evening.  And we still got to meet the groovy people all around us.  By the way, the people that show up at your dinners are always interesting and fun.  The hosts were gracious to open up their cool and unique penthouse loft for all of us to enjoy."

-Rhonda R. 

"Dear Chef Riley,

My apologies for the delay in expressing my gratitude for the wonderful dinner. It was my first Pop Up Tucson dinner, it will not be my last. I was very impressed by the logistics required and your skills in preparing a gourmet meal with perfect wine pairings. My favorite course was the duck breast. Several of us wanted to lick the plate clean! Kudos to your beautiful hostess and your service staff. I was very impressed by your wine service not only was he very well versed in the wine selections, he gave generous pours and took all of our pleadings for more in good humor. I have shared my experience with my friends and I wish you every success in the future." 

-Sarah P. 

"Hi Riley!

I wanted to tell you how amazing I thought the Pop Up dinner was on Sunday. My sister and I think it's hands down one of the best meals we've ever had. Incredible. Actually, it was so good that we were wondering if we could hire you......"

-Gaby R. 

'We met Riley at a pop-up dinner he put on in the fall of 2016.  We enjoyed that event greatly; the food was superb, and the conversation around the big common table was wonderful.  

We attended a fundraising event a few months later and won the raffle prize for a dinner prepared at home by a chef; we were delighted to learn that Riley was the chef.  He came to our home and prepared a scrumptious meal while we sat in the kitchen and talked with him. During dinner he whipped up a splendid dessert.  That meal was one of the best we've eaten in Tucson."

-Brian B. 

"From the moment I walked in, I was overwhelmed by the obvious amount of work, talent, and imagination it takes to host such an ordeal! I watched you and the other chefs work in sync--much like a military operation. The event was sleek, minimalist, and very contemporary. Use of black tree limbs on neutral table cloths, black napkins with menu's inserted, the spotless stemware and place settings against the backdrop of a museum like penthouse was brilliant! The leg of jamon serrano on the counter top was reminiscent of my time in Spain. Then there was the champagne, the wines...wonderful! Perfect pairings! It shows that a lot of thought and creativity as well as research and food search went into your feast. Everyone around me had nothing but wild and enthusiastic comments and were very pleased and happy with all the components of the evening. Including and most importantly, your host and hostess. Congratulations I could go on and on...suffice it to say...it was a perfect evening and I look forward to attending another pop up in the near future." 

Monica D. 


Thank you for a wonderful dinner.  The atmosphere was amazing, the big fans really helped keep the airflow going until the sun went down.  The "live kitchen" set up where we got to see you guys working hard and savoring the aroma was awesome. The menu was great.  I'd never had pepino before; the serano sashimi was great; the duck and the "manzanita sol" carnitas fantastic.  Loved every bit of it.  Service was solid throughout the night - your crew was awesome.  The live painter was inspired.  Great setup." 



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